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Welding/CWI Inspection Services

Welding Inspections are performed by licensed Deputy/Special Inspectors who hold an ICC Structural Steel and Bolting and ICC Structural Welding License plus approval by the respective city, county, or jurisdiction in which they perform their inspection. A specialized inspector referred to as a CWI (Certified Welding Inspector) certified by the American Welding Society is required for high-profile projects such as schools, hospitals, fab shops, bridges, etc. Upon completion of the inspection, the registered Deputy/Special Inspector will furnish a compliance report that can be given to the City Inspector at time of city inspection and to the Engineer of Record. Without this documentation, city inspection will not be passed.

Special Inspection is required by code to be continuous during the entire welding process, except for single pass fillet welding < 5/16" which can be inspected after the work is completed (periodic inspection). Prior to beginning work, the Licensed Deputy/Special Inspector will verify the welder's certifications and document it on their report. For City of Los Angeles projects, the welder must be approved by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety.  During and/or after the welding is performed, the Inspector will verify that work is being performed by plans and the applicable building code. Welding is an integral part of the structural integrity of many buildings, and verifying proper practices is crucial in ensuring structural integrity and public safety.

If your project requires welding/CWI inspection, you can rely on All American Inspection to schedule a fully licensed Deputy/Special Inspector to verify the proper completion of work and provide you with the required documentation for city inspection and engineer. You can contact us 24/7 for a timely response.

Call or Text 24 hrs: (310) 738-7005

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