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Concrete Inspection Services
(Including Shotcrete, Pre-Stressed and Post-Tension)

Concrete Inspections are performed by licensed Deputy/Special Inspectors who hold an ICC Reinforced Concrete Inspector license or Pre-Stressed Concrete license, plus approval by the respective city, county, or jurisdiction in which they perform their inspection. Upon completion of the inspection, the registered Deputy/Special Inspector will furnish a compliance report that can be given to the City Inspector at time of city inspection and to the Engineer of Record. They will also cast samples to be tested for compressive strength by our approved lab. Without this documentation, city inspection will not be passed.

Special Inspection is required by code for reinforced concrete when the psi (compressive strength) specified by the approved plans is above 2,500 psi. Prior to placement of concrete, the Licensed Deputy/Special Inspector will verify the proper size, grade, and spacing of rebar. Rebar placement will also be verified for proper clearance from the earth as well as removal of debris. For pre-stressed/post tension concrete, continuous inspection is required during the stressing of tendons. Upon time of concrete placement, the License Deputy/Special Inspector will provide continuous monitoring of the pour, verifying that concrete is placed with the proper water content, rebar clearance, consolidation, and other proper practices. The Inspector will also verify truck tickets for proper mix design and psi. Upon time of inspection, the Inspector will also cast compressive strength samples. These samples will be safely stored on your project before being picked up and tested by our approved lab. Upon curing for 28 days, test results will then be delivered to the owner, contractor, engineer, and building official for their review. Early test results are also available upon request. The Inspector is only needed to be present after the rebar is completely installed and continuously during concrete placement from beginning to end of pour. Rebar placement for shotcrete/gunite in the City of Los Angeles and Santa Monica require continuous inspection during the entire installation process.

If your project requires reinforced concrete, shotcrete/gunite, or pre-stressed/post-tension concrete inspection, you can rely on All American Inspection to schedule a fully licensed Deputy/Special Inspector to verify the proper completion of work and provide you with the required documentation for city inspection and engineer. You can contact us 24/7 for a timely response.

Call or Text 24 hrs: (310) 738-7005

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