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Concrete Coring/Saw Cutting Services

Concrete coring is a process used to remove a cylinder of concrete from a pre-existing structure. It is often performed to either create access to run electrical, plumbing, or other items in a pre-existing structure or to test for compressive strength of pre-existing concrete. Coring is also used for test panels of shotcrete during construction, prior to shooting concrete to evaluate voids and rebar. Before coring pre-existing structures, it is always wise to perform GPR of the concrete in an effort to avoid hitting rebar, tendons, and steel. If you suspect there may be conduits or other items other than rebar or tendons that need to avoid being hit, it is a good idea to do Concrete X-Raying rather than GPR as GPR does not have the ability to pick up items such as conduits. We also perform concrete saw cutting services.

If your project requires coring or saw cutting, you can rely on All American Inspection to schedule you a properly trained and certified Technician. We also provided compressive strength testing by our fully licensed and certified lab. You can contact us 24/7 for a timely response.

Call or Text 24 hrs: (310) 738-7005

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