Shear Wall Inspection Services

In structural engineering, shear walls are walls comprised of braced panels, or shear panels, that help to counteract the effects of lateral loads acting on a structure. The most common lateral loads stem from high winds and seismic activity. Considering our West Coast location, shear wall inspection is of tantamount importance during and after the construction phase. Shear walls are specifically designed to resist these in-plane, lateral loads wrought against a building’s face. Loads are thus transferred vertically to the building’s foundations.

Shear walls are typically formed through the sole use of various wood types. Plywood is the conventional material associated with shear wall construction, though that is changing slightly over time thanks to advances in technology and modern building methods. Concrete is sometimes used to reinforce the shear walls. Certain prefabricated materials have also gained popularity. Sheet steel or steel-backed panels also feature an even greater resistance to wind and seismic forces than mere plywood.

The design and implementation of shear walls is generally dictated by the IBC (International Building Code) and IRC (International Residential Code). To remain compliant with building codes and to ensure warranty on completed work, you must have a licensed deputy inspector conduct shear wall inspection. The inspector is able to verify that the structure, design, and the materials used in the shear walls’ construction are suitable for their very important task. The inspector only needs to be present after the work is done to conduct the inspection of the shear walls. The inspector will assess the bolt or nail spacing, the sheathing type and thickness, the anchor bolts’ size and spacing, and the specific placement of the shear wall.

If you require shear wall inspection, you can reach out to us at your convenience to procure the services licensed and trusted deputy inspector. We work with you to ensure the experience is as painless and convenient as possible for you.