Epoxy Inspection Services

The deputy epoxy inspector is any licensed individual hired by the building owner or registered design professional responsible acting on the owner’s behalf.  The deputy inspector must demonstrate competence to the satisfaction of the building official in regard to the inspection of the anchor adhesive application. The deputy inspector must also meet the qualification requirements necessary for epoxy inspection. The special inspector is also required to provide the owner or registered design professional with physical documents that demonstrate their personal specific aptitude in regard to epoxy anchor installation. The specific licensure the epoxy anchor inspector would require would be a reinforced concrete inspector certification in accordance with the ICC (International Code Council). It’s important that a deputy inspector conduct the epoxy inspection because without the special inspection, all warranties are null and void.

There is a lot more involved with anchor adhesive application than merely drilling holes in concrete, injecting some epoxy into the hole, and inserting the rebar dowel or anchor. The deputy epoxy inspector must verify the depth and diameter of the holes that have been drilled to ensure they conform with standard practices. The diameter is typically 1/8th of an inch greater than the diameter of the rebar, rod, or anchor being utilized. The size and grade of the dowels or bolts used is also inspected. Another important requirement of epoxy anchor inspection is that the hole must be blown and brushed clean. This ensures that the epoxy can fully adhere to the anchor and the hole. The inspector also verifies that the type of epoxy used is appropriate and that its expiration date is appropriate. Pull testing may also be performed to assess the strength of the epoxy’s bond. The inspector is only required to be there after holes have been drilled and prior to the fitting of the anchor and epoxy.

If you require epoxy inspection, you can rely on All American Inspection to deliver a collaborative and quality assessment of the work done to assess that your commercial or residential building adheres to IBC (International Building Code) standards of construction. You can contact us 24/7 for a timely response.